Personalized Magazine Subscriptions Customized and Branded for Your Business

Specializing in producing high quality personalized and customized magazine branded for your business needs. Show off your business achievements with a magazine highlighting the best your business has to offer.

Buckets and Strouts Personalized Magazines is a subsidiary and imprint of the 52/50 Group LLC and the Digital Content Professionals.

Personalized Magazines with Your Brand and Style

We offer subscription-based personalized magazines for small businesses and corporations and for any need.

All subscriptions come with unlimited digital copies.

What You Will Get In Your Personalized Magazines

You will get a fully customized and personalized magazine with relevant content and images showcased throughout the fun-filled 16 pages that will showcase your company and brand in its very best light. Send us what you want showcased, and we will fill in the rest of the personalized magazine with fun-filler content, including: original articles targeted for your market, creative graphic design, and superior editing. Have your personalized magazine created by the professionals at Buckets and Strouts Personalized Magazines.

Turn Around Time

The average turn around time for a 16 page magazine is 10 business days.

Showcasing your brand and style in your magazine

Send in your pictures, articles, branding information (colors/text/style) along with your company’s information that you want included, and Buckets and Strouts will turn your vision into print!

For example you may want to showcase your staff, and if that is the case, you need to include a bio, pictures and an introduction with specialties and/or pictures of work.

Personalized Magazine Subscriptions to Meet Your Business Need

No matter what you need a magazine for, Buckets and Strouts has you covered. Use your personalized magazine subscription to print hair, nail, spa, lash, beauty, fashion, training, informative, and more. No matter your industry, Buckets and Strouts will create a personalized magazine customized to your needs.

If you do not have content, no worries, we will fill it in for you!

Your Vision

Tell us the style, industry, and vision of your magazine, and Buckets and Strouts will produce a magazine to fit your specific businesses needs.

Get your customized magazine made by Buckets and Strouts today!

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