Personalized Magazine for Your Brand and Company

Specializing in producing a high quality branded magazine to show off the best your business has to offer with your own magazine customized to your brand and highlighting your real events and achievements.

Buckets and Strouts media is a subsidiary and imprint of the 52/50 Group LLC and the Digital Content Professionals.

Subscription Based Personalized Magazine

We offer subscription-based personalized magazines for small businesses and corporations. You get your choice of monthly, quarterly, or one time prints.

Unlimited Digital Copies

All subscriptions and one-time orders come with a master digital copy and 10 printed copies. Leaving your company with the power to reprint the issue as needed.

Get Your Own Customized Magazine in just 10 Business Days!

The average turn-around time for a 16 page magazine is 10 business days.

The process is simple:

Send in your pictures, articles, branding information (colors/text/style) along with your company’s information that you want included in your magazine. Talk with our editors and share your vision.

For example you may want to showcase your staff, and if that is the case, you need to include a bio, pictures and an introduction with each staff members specialties and/or pictures of their work examples.

If you do not have content to include, don’t worry, we will fill it in for you!

Industry-Related Filler Content for your Personalized Magazine

Our editors take special care to find relevant and interesting filler content to make your magazine hard to put down, regardless of industry.

Original Articles Written to Your Vision and Showcased in Your Own Personalized Magazine

By utilizing the Digital Content Professionals Creative Teams, Buckets and Strouts is able to bring original and relevant articles, graphics, ads, and more.

Offset Your Price with Ad Space Rental Programs

Sell ad space to local businesses in your area. This is a great opportunity to build strong bonds in your community while offsetting the price of your magazine(s) at the same time.

I bet other small businesses like yours are looking for BETTER ADVERTISING options, just like you.

You can bring them this amazing opportunity to be featured in your company’s magazine for a reasonable price that you set.

Sale 40% Off Personalized Magazine Subscriptions with Unlimited Digital Copies ONLY.

All Personalized Magazine Orders Come With


Purchase your Personalized Magazine Subscription now.

Processing takes approximately 10 business days after the order is complete.

Get a discount for your personal magazine by ordering an in-store content subscription

Order an in-store video subscription with one of the 52/50 Group’s subsidiary brands to receive a huge discount on your personalized magazine subscription. You will get a personal coupon code sent to your email with any in-store video subscription ordered!

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