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SHH! Beauty Tv In-store video subscriptions

Welcome to the SHH! Beauty TV page!

SHH! Beauty TV creates exclusive in-store videos for the Beauty and Spa Industry, while offering a unique advertising opportunity by allowing you to rent advertising space to local businesses and independent artists on your in-store video.

Stream In-Store Videos Live

Stream In-store videos customized for your brand and store with simple streaming services and remote real time updates.

We make it simple for you to stream branded and customized videos in your store with an In-Store Video subscription that is tailored to the Beauty Industry and your store while including updated relevant, targeted, and trending topics.

Give your store the gift of the established treatment today!

SHH! Beauty TV is an imprint and subsidiary of the 52/50 Group LLC.

Specializing in Advertising Your Products and Services

Exhibit examples of your craft with photos and videos that your customers will surely appreciate. Also, maintain the ability to give your staff a break by showcasing your products with hassle-free, informative videos.

Customer Engagement

We keep your customers engaged and informed of your products and services while entertaining them with beauty history, trivia, fun facts, beauty tips, and more with in-store videos branded and customized for your store.

In-Store Videos

Get your stores own personalized in-store video streaming that is customized to your stores branding and information.

Included in Every In-store Video

Videos Include:

  • Welcome Segment
  • Hours
  • Bio
  • Vision
  • Specials
  • Menus/Pricelists
  • Staff Introduction with pictures
  • Featured Employee of the Month segment
  • Store Announcements
  • Plus, we provide lots of fun, industry-specific filler content like affirmations, beauty tips, and trivia
  • AND you get several sponsor segments that you can rent to local businesses in your community

Hassle-Free Remote Update

Each of our clients receive streaming codes according to their subscription update level. Receive hassle free real time remote updates. We provide you with 24-hour customer support and an easy streaming system that can be streamed on any smart device, for example a smart TV or a smart dongle will have you streaming your own personalized video in your store in minutes.

Sponsorship Segments

Offset cost and build strong relationships with local businesses by renting sponsorship segments on your customized videos. You set your price for sponsorship and send us the ads with your form.


As a bonus, we offer our clients and their sponsors free QR code generation that can link to products, services, calendars, emails, websites and more with a simple scan tag. Always with free updates!


4 text message graphics


2 web graphics monthly!

Sorry, no mix and match. Text Message or Web Graphics only.

Don’t forget your add-ons!

Ad Share Program

Welcome to the SHH! Beauty TV Ad Share Program page.

Get your brand advertised in the ad share program with participating salons, with in-store videos (where available).

Please check with the 52/50 Group LLC to make sure there are participating salons in your area.

In-store video content is creating this new wave of advertising opportunities for you!

Everyone in the beauty industry needs to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Take your beauty brands to the next level with advertising space in high traffic salons targeted to an audience that values what you are selling.

STOP wasting 10’s or 1000’s of dollars creating commercials that are untargeted and not generating a return on your investment.

Take advantage of SHH! Beauty TV’s Sponsor Ad Share Program today.

We aim to assign our clients ads in non-competing hair salons, lash bars, nail salons, and spas.


Get your personalized store digital magazine at a discount with the purchase of any SHH! Beauty TV Subscription.

You will receive a special coupon code for your discount after your purchase of any SHH! Beauty TV Subscription.

For more details and questions please contact SHH! Beauty TV at or give us a call at the 52/50 Group LLC (360) 488 – 1188

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