Welcome to the SHH! Beauty TV Ad Share Program page.

Get your brand advertised in the ad share program with participating salons, with in-store videos (where available).

Please check with the 52/50 Group LLC to make sure there are participating salons in your area.

In-store video content is creating a new wave of advertising opportunities for you!

Everyone in the beauty industry needs to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Take your beauty brands to the next level with advertising space in high traffic salons targeted to an audience that values what you are selling.

STOP wasting 10’s or 1000’s of dollars creating commercials that are untargeted and not generating a return on your investment.

Take advantage of the digital age and target your advertising efforts now.

Save With Subscriptions

Save even more with an in-store video subscription with SHH! Beauty TV or a personalized magazine subscription with Buckets and Strouts Media.

Participate in the ad share program for only $500 monthly with the purchase of either subscription. Look for an email with your Ad Share Coupon Code after your subscription purchase.

Using Your Establishment in the Ad Share Program

By buying an in-store content video with SHH! Beauty TV and joining the ad share program, you are opening a brand new stream of revenue and being seen by your targeted audience.

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