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We are the Cannabis Industry leader in informative in-store videos. Our industry leading practices and technologies aim to turn your business into an establishment.

Three major benefits of Sticky Buds TV Subscriptions for in-store videos

  • Updated in-store videos customized and branded for your store
  • Informing your customers of your products and services while keeping them engaged with industry-specific fun facts, recipes, trivia, and more
  • Utilizing your in-store videos as an advertising avenue and digital billboard for local businesses in your area to help your store generate an additional revenue stream and build bonds within your community

Additionally, with our In-store Video Subscriptions we will:

  • Generate unlimited free QR Codes for you and your sponsors, ads that can link to any website, calendar, or product. (Value $60 each)
  • Give a BONUS by providing 4 monthly text message graphic ads for your store (valued @ $200 monthly)
  • Feature up to 12 sponsor ad opportunities on every video – Earn bonus revenue by renting advertising space to local businesses and artists
  • Provide real time remote updates

Stream In-Store Videos Live in Your Dispensary

Stream In-store videos customized for your brand and store right in your dispensary.

Sticky Buds TV makes it simple for you to stream branded and customized videos in your store with In-Store Video subscriptions that are tailored to the Cannabis Industry and includes updated, relevant, targeted, and trending topics.

Give your store the gift of the established treatment today!

Sticky Buds TV is an imprint and subsidiary of the 52/50 Group LLC and the Digital Content Professionals.

Feature In-store Content Videos in your Establishment

We offer an array of in-store subscription-based content specifically for the Cannabis Industry including:

In-store Videos branded and customized for your store


4 text message graphics


2 web graphics monthly!

Sorry, no mix and match. Text Message or Web Graphics only.

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Engaging Your Customers

We keep your customers engaged and informed of your products and services while entertaining them with cannabis history, trivia, fun facts, recipes, and more with in-store videos branded and customized for your store.

Check out our sample video:

Sign up for a Sticky Buds TV Subscription for your cannabis retail outlet today!

In-Store Videos

Videos Include:

  • Welcome Segment
  • Hours
  • Bio
  • Vision
  • Specials
  • Menus/Pricelists
  • Staff Introduction with pictures
  • Featured Employee of the month segment
  • Store Announcements
  • Plus, we provide lots of fun industry-specific filler content like recipes, helpful tips, and trivia
  • AND you get several sponsor segments you can rent to local businesses in your community

Hassle-Free Remote Update

Each of our clients receive streaming codes according to their subscription update level. Receive hassle free real-time remote updates. We provide you with 24-hour customer support and an easy streaming system that can be streamed on any smart device, for example a smart TV or a smart dongle will have you streaming your own personalized video in your store in minutes.

Sponsorship Segments

Offset cost and build strong relationships with local businesses by renting sponsorship segments on your customized videos. You set your price for sponsorship and send us the ads with your form.

Hassle-free remote updates and sponsorship rental space opportunities allowing local businesses to buy advertising space on your in-store video, will provide your customers with this amazing service.


As a bonus, we offer our clients and their sponsors free QR code generation that can link to products, services, calendars, emails, websites and more with a simple scan tag.

Text Message & Web Graphics

With every recurring in-store video subscription to Sticky Buds TV, you will receive your choice of 4 text message or web graphics monthly that will be branded and customized to your specific need.

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Sticky Buds TV Store is an imprint and subsidiary of the 52/50 Group LLC.

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If you have any further questions please contact Sticky Buds TV at stickybudstv@5250group.com or give us a call at the 52/50 Group LLC (360) 488 – 1188

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